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The precious liquids in our "Best Of" range represent a selection from our best and oldest barrels in our collection which has been developing for over 100 years – since the opening of our distillery. The liquids are carefully chosen and mixed by our master blender, as he has chosen the best of the oldest vintages to give you the truest taste of our age-old DICTADOR. For classical Colombian flavours that are rich, deep and luxuriously delicious – you need simply to sip to fully understand the magic of the best.

This bottle is part of a limited series - so be one of the few lucky ones to discover this unique and increbibly rare rum.



Best of Dictador product line is represented by best barrels selected from particular batch of particular year. The bottle contains the best rum blended from selected production batch in a time.

Cask reference

The barrels used for this product line are carefully selected by Master Parra.
We use 3 types of the barrels:
AO- American Oak
SC - Sherry Cask
PC - Port Cask

Number of bottles in the batch

We use only 1 selected barrel for bottling. In result we fill around 300 bottles with this great liquid work of art. Whole process takes place at our Destileria Colombiana.


All labels are handwritten and signed by Master Blender Hernan Parr

% of alc.

Differences in % of alcohol come from organoleptic tests. As the spirt is taken directly from the barrel, it must be diluted, then Master Blander decides which blend taste the best with what alc %. level.

Spirtis character of 2016 Best OF edition


ltissimoFrom the beautiful highlands we brought barrels with the unique signature of Whisky, the idea was to bring to our exceptional rums the floral and peat, the smoky and leafs, minerals and peels; giving an elegant aroma more turned into a majestic blend. Evolution of our rums in these barrels confirm the versatile essence of our distilled, extracting this malt finish in mouth and still remaining on its pure caramel oaky taste.


extremoOur heart is ultimate in sugar cane, the base of our culture and the elements surrounding are our effort to embrace the rum. With the extreme as it can go with the deep dark colors, the smooth and oaky aromas and its tough sugar cane honey and coffee flavors. This is rum and that is the best we can do ENJOY IT.


apasionadoFrom our Latin land a full mind of passion is served in every shot of sugar cane based spirit, we wanted to bear a part in of this burning culture. Our essence is sweetness overall the only trick is trying to keep sweetness after distillation, so we add to our old barrels a hint of the explosion of the panela, the reduced sugar cane juice with its huge concentration and the dark caramel color and flavor. Latinos are open to life so let´s be open to new alternatives.

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