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Dictador Generations

En Lalique


Introducing Lalique

Lalique is one of the crown jewels of France's crystal glass houses, founded in 1888 by renowned and avant-garde artist René Lalique. It is a symbol of unique know-how and craftmanship, a lifestyle luxury brand with an immediately recognisable style.

A collective geniuis

The Dictador Generations en Lalique collaboration sparks a fusion of elegance and excellence, uniting Lalique's iconic crystal craftsmanship with Dictador's esteemed legacy.

The rum debut

Famed for its peerless crystal artistry, Lalique handpicked Dictador as the debut rum producer for their prestigious creations, highlighting Dictador's unmatched quality and legacy in aged rum.

Three generations of craftsmanship

Named Dictador Generations, this collaboration pays homage to the Parra family, now in its third generation of rum production. Dictador Master Blender Hernan Parra, along with his father Dario Parra, crafted a unique blend of rum using select 1976 vintages to commemorate this special occasion.

Lalique’s signature frosted crystal

The Lalique-designed bottle is inspired by the enchanting beauty of the Caribbean Sea, with its mesmerizing reflections and tranquil beaches. Lalique's mastery is evident in the incorporation ofwater patterns into the crystal, capturing the essence of this natural wonder. Through the interplay of clear and frosted techniques, Lalique brings the decanter to life, sculpting light and enhancing its allure.

Strictly limited edition

Strictly limited to 300 pieces, the Dictador Generations en Lalique is a coveted collector's item. Each bottle, engraved with a unique number, contains a golden liquid treasure, a blend of 1976 vintage rum, aged in American Oak and Port casks, with an ABV of 43%. This masterpiece represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury, appealing to connoisseurs, collectors, and investors of fine spirits worldwide.

The story of Lalique 2

Building upon the success of the inaugural collaboration, Dictador and Lalique presents the Dictador Generations en Lalique 2, elevating the partnership to new heights.

A striking black crystal

The 2nd edition features a striking black crystal Lalique bottle, reminiscent of onyx, setting it apart from its predecessor. Inspired by the allure of the Caribbean Sea, Lalique once again captures the essence of this natural marvel through waterinspired patterns sculpted using their signature frosted technique. The result is a mesmerizing display of depth and dimension, showcasing Lalique's creative genius and technical prowess.

Lalique craftsmanship meets dictador legacy

Inside the black crystal decanter lies a 1977 vintage rum, handcrafted by Dario and Hernan Parra, with special involvement from the son. The rum remains hidden within the opaque crystal, adding an air of mystery and sophistication to the overall presentation.

Collectible numbered series

Like its predecessor, this edition is also limited to 300 bottles, making it a highly sought-after collector's item. Dictador Generations en Lalique Collaboration 2 stands as a testament to Lalique's craftsmanship and Dictador's legacy in the world of aged rum, offering a unique blend of artistry and refinement for discerning enthusiasts.