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Introducing Totem

Embark on a cultural odyssey with Dictador's TOTEM initiative, delving into the rich tapestry of heritage. In this chapter you enter a realm where tradition merges seamlessly with innovation and where ancient art techniques echo in contemporary craftsmanship.

At TOTEM's core lies a dedication to promoting traditionalism in artistry, creating a sanctuary where soul indigenous cultures find their expression.

A collective geniuis

Through partnerships with ethnic communities worldwide, we merge exceptional spirits with extraordinary art, forging connections that transcend borders and bridge the gap between past and present.

TOTEM stands as our vow to cherish and honor cultural diversity, preserving its essence for generations to come.

Dictador Totem


Handcrafted in Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

From Sacred Plant to Artistic Craft

Our newest endeavor, Peyote, draws inspiration from the spiritual traditions of the Wixáritari (Huichol Indians) nestled in Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental. For generations, their reverence for Peyote (Hikuri), a sacred plant, has shaped their connection to nature and guided them on a journey towards the divine. Each member of the community embarks on pilgrimages, forging a profound bond with Peyote, infusing their art with its spiritual significance.

A Spiritual and Artistic Masterpiece

Within this project the artisans meticulously adorned Dictador bottles with delicate glass beads, reflecting the sacred geometries found in their ceremonies. These patterns serve as a tangible reflection of the interconnectedness between the spiritual and earthly realms. With each bead meticulously placed, artisans imbue their creations with intentions, prayers, and respect, elevating them to vessels for ancestral spirits, the land, and the collective soul.

Rare Aged Rum and The Wixaritari Cultural Essence

The culmination of this artistic journey is the Peyote collection, comprising 702 bottles adorned with 20 unique designs and an array of local colors. Each bottle is a testament to the individuality of its creation, ensuring that no two are alike. Encased within these exquisite vessels lies a rare treasure: rum distilled between 1993 and 2001, aged to perfection in American Oak and Sherry casks, offering a taste of refinement and tradition that mirrors the spiritual essence of the Wixáritari culture.

Dictador Totem


Handcrafted in Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

The Spirits Of The Huicholes

Our initial Totem endeavor, the Wixarika collection, highlights the dynamic fusion of cultural exchange and artistic expression. This unique collection emerged from our collaboration with the esteemed Huichol Indians.

In this endeavor, Dictador extended invitations to 10 of the most talented Huichol artists, tasking them with adorning a limited series of bottles. Each artist dedicated an entire week to meticulously decorating a single bottle, resulting in a total of 250 bottles, each a unique masterpiece imbued with centuries-old traditions and intricate beadwork.

The Wixarika Collection

The series boasts 10 distinct decorations, with 25 bottles of each variant, showcasing the diverse artistic interpretations of the Huichol culture. These intricately adorned bottles serve not only as vessels of artistic expression but also as tangible representations of the enduring heritage of the Huichol people.

A Taste of Heritage: Dictador Rum Infused with Huichol Artisanal Mastery

Nestled within each exquisitely crafted bottle lies a treasure of unparalleled quality rum distilled between 1976 and 1980, aged to perfection in American Oak and Sherry casks. This exceptional blend embodies a harmonious fusion of tradition and refinement, reflecting the essence of the collaboration between Dictador and the Huichol artisans.

Dictador Totem

Mopa Mopa

Handcrafted in San Juan de Pasto, Colombia

Crafted in Colombia, Treasured Worldwide

The Dictador MOPA MOPA collection stands as a testament to the exquisite artistry, skill, and reverence dedicated to crafting these exclusive rum bottles. Limited to just 360 pieces, each bottle is meticulously hand-decorated by Colombian artists, representing not only a celebration of a historic, ancient art form but also a profound expression of love and respect for their homeland and its rich cultural heritage.

Discover The Art: Dictador Bottles Crafted with Mopa Mopa Resin

The inspiration behind these captivating bottles hails from the age-old tradition of using Mopa Mopa, a native South American phenolic resin, in the crafting of ceremonial drinking cups known as ‘Qeros’. Sourced from the region of Pasto, Colombia, the resin is extracted from trees of the genus Elaeagia, nestled in the mountainous western South American terrain. This delicate process involves carefully harvesting flexible resin sheets from the trees without causing harm, a testament to the artisans' deep connection to nature and their environment.

UNESCO Cultural Heritage Recognition

The limited edition Dictador MOPA MOPA collection also boasts fifteen unique patterns, each meticulously crafted by local artists from San Juan de Pasto in southern Colombia using the Barniz de Pasto (Pasto Varnish) technique. This traditional method, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008.

Mopa Mopa Mastery: A Journey to Craft Collectable Rums

The journey to collect Mopa Mopa is a labor of love, undertaken on foot through rugged terrain, lasting up to five hours to reach the harvesting site. Once there, gatherers set up camps for days as they meticulously comb through patches of trees, collecting between 6-9 kilos of the precious resin. This sacred substance, prized for its beauty and rarity, is harvested only twice a year, between May and November. In each of the bottles you will find a unique rum from Dictador's special inventory, dating from 1982-1988. The liquid was matured in Sherry, Bourbon and Port casks and contains from 40% to 57% alcohol.

Our objective with the Totem Project is to honor and safeguard cultural legacies by integrating investment-grade spirits with remarkable indigenous artwork, establishing a haven where traditional practices harmonize with modern creativity.